A little background on myself:

I have about a decade of various development experience. I’ve had the great fortune on working on some premiere brands, for some amazing companies, and with incredibly talented individuals who I credit for my success and knowledge to date. I currently reside in Brooklyn where I oversee technology operations at a start-up that’s changing the way the world learns science.

Recent times have shown me that product evangelism is less desirable than being technologically agnostic. My goal is to provide the best practical, forward-thinking solutions for my company and clients.

I’m excited as well at the latter half of this year to share my experiences both authoring and speaking – I’ll be posting details when I have them.

Relevant Programming Skills
  • Javascript (NodeJS, ExtJS, and jQuery)
  • Actionscript 3 and Flex
  • PHP / MySQL
  • HTML5 / CSS3
Relevant Sysadmin Skills
  • AWS EC2
  • AWS S3 and CloudFront
  • LAMP

Relevant Consulting, Management, and Agile Development Skills

  • Pivotal Tracker
  • GitHub
  • Hiring, training, and managing developers across disciplines

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