Triple App Challenge – The Process

The following three steps will be my guide posts as I build, and re-build, this web app.

A) Build out UX wireframes.

First I will look up some tools online to help me spec out the site, page by page, feature by feature so that it’s easy to visualize exactly how the simple app will flow, I’ll know how many “pages” I need to build and I can get a sense for the overall complexity. I’ll determine what are my minimum requirements to call it version 1.0 and I’ll have a general sense of how the design is going to go.

Keep in mind, I am NOT a UX guy, so this step is going to be clunky and foreign to me. But since I’m going to be building the same thing three times, it makes the most sense to spend the first week or so just plotting out exactly what the “what” is.

2) Draw up the design comps.

Enter the Photoshop. If doing some wireframes was foreign to me this step will be another planet. But I’m working as a one-man band for this operation so design by me it is. I’ll have the UX wireframes to reference so likely I’ll first take a look around the web for some similar apps, or some folks with a good design aesthetic in general and see what I can glean from that.

Once this stage is complete I will have fully visualized the exact pixel look and feel of the app for both smartphones and for tablet/desktop browsers. I’ll probably slice up, optimize, and save out all the image bits on this step. Additionally, I’ll mock up a very simple style guide for the project.

D) Code, Commit, Repeat.

Just code it, right? I’ll probably break this step up into further pieces later on down the road but for now let’s keep it simple. First I’ll spend a day or two diagraming up the data schema, since that should be consistent throughout whichever frameworks and languages I’m using. Then it’ll be time to crank it out. I will keep a careful log of time spent and assess how easy/fun/efficient each method was.

Estimated Timeline:

UX Wireframes – 1 week
Design Comps – 2 weeks
Data Object Modelling – 2 days
Build 1 – 3 weeks
Build 2 – 3 weeks
Build 3 – 3 weeks

The weeks are in real time but if I had to venture a guess, each “week” would wind up being no more than 20 hours.

Coming up next: Kick-off and Livestreaming.

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